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Highly Educated Titanium

Highly Educated was founded in 2010 with the mission goal of innovating a better titanium product for the concentrate connoisseur through continual research & development.

Since 2010 Highly Educated has been busy introducing many products which have evolved into the core staple concepts that you may know and use today. Concepts like fully adjustable titanium nails, convertible/adjustable domeless nails, multiple joint compatibility, electronic nails (E-Nail) and carb caps. These are all concepts that were first introduced to market by Highly Educated. Fast forward to today, and just about every concentrate accessory company uses at least one of those concepts in their product line, and that’s just fine by us. Because we at Highly Educated did not invent the Ti-Nail, we only aimed to innovate it.

CLIENT WEBSITE: www.HighlyEducatedTI.com

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