Creative Attorneys. Decisive Counsel.


“A changing of the guard is before us. The days of rigid corporations and gray hairs in corner offices are numbered. Today, a new generation of business leaders etches its mark on the marketplace, and revolutionizes how business is transacted. These dynamic leaders and companies, we believe, are best served by a new kind of lawyer.

From an idea on the back of an envelope, to capital formation & getting scale, liquidity events and M&A, Winston Wolfe is poised to add value at all points in the life cycle. If a business dispute is at hand, we maintain an excellent track record of efficiently sorting out adverse parties.

The firm does not grow for growth’s sake. We embrace growth when presented with the right opportunities: the right clients, the right lawyers, the right projects. And at the core of our practice is a fanatical focus on client service. Creative attorneys. Decisive counsel. Winston Wolfe.”

General Counsel

We serve as general counsel to entrepreneurial and growth stage companies that have demanding and rapidly evolving legal needs.

Licensing & Contracts

We currently handle licensing work on behalf of clients in music, fashion, technology, healthcare, and business information services.

Corporate Matters

Our practice involves an array of matters, including Venture Capital, Private Equity, Strategic Investments, Technology, Real Estate, & Corporate Governance.

Intellectual Property

Many of our clients have proprietary intellectual property at the center of their businesses. We help them protect that core asset, and monetize its value.

Fine Arts & Management

We represent artists, collectors, galleries and dealers, among others. We draft & negotiate documents to purchase, sell, and license of works of art and collectibles.

Music & Entertainment

We provide transactional services in all phases of motion picture, television, radio, music and multimedia development, production and distribution.


We’re committed to pricing that delivers value, encourages the optimal use of legal resources, and aligns our interests closely with those of our clients. In many cases Winston Wolfe and its partners own equity in the companies we serve. In every case we strive to be creative & flexible to adapt to the needs of growing companies. Our goal is to remove barriers to the optimal use of legal counsel, making it easier for clients to seek help when needed. We endeavor to structure fees to achieve that goal and to align our own interests with those of our clients.

We may initiate a relationship based on hourly fees as a way of establishing a baseline for more creative pricing in the future. Only as a last resort do we revert to a standard hourly fee model for the long run. Examples of creative fee arrangements include: Retainer Fee, Subscription Fee, & Contingent / Hybrid.


Under a retainer fee arrangement, Winston Wolfe receives an agreed-upon fee for handling a certain matter or set of matters. Such arrangements give clients both certainty and predictability in their legal costs. Retainer fee arrangements are particularly useful in transactions such as capital raising, venture funding, and other lending or financing matters.


Under a subscription fee arrangement, the client pays a fixed fee every month for an unlimited amount of routine legal services (excluding major transactions or litigation). Such arrangements can be tailored to fit individual clients by defining the scope of the legal services covered by the arrangement. In many cases, we will work for several months on an hourly rate basis to set a baseline for the subscription fee going forward. Subscription fee pricing is typically reviewed quarterly or semiannually to stay in line with the evolving legal needs of the client.


Under a contingent / hybrid fee arrangement, the firm typically receives an agreed-upon percentage of any financial recoveries won in a lawsuit. If no financial recovery is won, the firm does not receive a fee. Such arrangements are useful for clients who cannot afford to assume the risk of an unfavorable outcome, particularly in litigation.


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